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Last night a friend and I watched the movie P.S. I love you.  I literally could not stop crying.  The movie starts off showing a beautiful young couple who are married and madly in love.  Within the first 15-20 minutes of the movie, the husband dies.  Every 5 minutes after that, I cried just at the thought of knowing he was dead.  As if he were actually real.  I honestly felt as though I was the main girl who lost her husband.  I forget it was just a film and was transported into the shoes of the main character.  After the movie my friend ( who sobbed too) and I talked about how the movie is able to bring out emotions and make you feel as though you have lost someone.  It’s truly amazing the power that movie has over your emotions.  Many movies are able to draw me in, but this one brought me into that world as if it were mine.


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Disney is an amazing advertiser.  They really are everywhere.  This weekend while downtown my group of friends and I spent 30 minutes just in the disney store.  Because it has “captured” us since we were toddlers, we will never get tired of Disney and its products.  Thats also the reason why disney is such a great advertiser, they have so many products that are in almost every store that you can’t avoid it.  Disney is its own world and as I discovered through a sociology class, the company “brands” us when we are little so that when we are at the age of 18, walking downtown ,we will stop and take a look inside its world.

I still love disney. 🙂

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While browsing facebook today I found something shocking.  On the right bottom side of the screen where facebook keeps their ads, there was an ad for Chicago Bagel Authority.  How clever of CBA to do that.  To make it so everyone in the area would have an ad for CBA.  They know their audience well.  They know that most college students have facebook and since CBA is located near campus they exposed themselves to us.

I knew exactly what the were hoping people would get out of it.  See it on facebook, make them hungry, realize its not too far from campus, the except demon express, so they’ll come to eat.

Unfortunately, it worked.

About 10 minutes later I called my brother to pick me up and we had lunch their that day.  I guess i’m the audience people want to have.

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The past week I have been going on to the cw website watching tv show episodes that i’ve missed.  Each episode is about 40 minutes but ads up to an hour with all the commercials.  When watching tv this makes sense and your use to it, but when you watch it on the internet I found that they play the same two commercials the whole time.  They were clever because by the end of the episode i was singing along with the little jingle they now have planted in my head.  Without even realizing it I was falling exactly for what they were hoping to do.  I was in an automatic state, but now when I watch the episodes i watch in an attentional state.  I guess at&t knew exactly what they were doing when they picked that song.

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